The Carrot City Talks: Dr Joe Nasr


The third Carrot City event occurred at Edible Eastside and featured talks from Dr Joe Nasr (Ryerson University), Mike Dring (Birmingham City University, BIAD) and Jarred Henderson (Wayward Plants). After a quick introduction from Jayne Bradley (Urban Grain), Joe Nasr, one of the exhibition’s curators, introduced Carrot City: its origins, current state and future ambitions.

Joe Nasr spoke about how interest in the concept of urban agriculture had rapidly accelerated over the last few years. He reminisced about his first encounter with the idea, in the 90s, and how little was really known about the cultivation of produce in the city context. Joe’s talk brought to light his extensive knowledge on the topic, particularly his impressive research profile in the area.

In his presentation, Joe spoke about the development of the exhibition itself: how it accumulated projects and has grown to include a variety of boards from numerous countries. He highlighted the exhibition was also to be shown in several German and French cities following Birmingham, further information is available on the Carrot City international site.

Before finishing, Joe summarised by speaking about how the exhibition, an entity which travels the globe, was now available in book form ‘Carrot City: Creating Places for Urban Agriculture’ – very handy if you want to learn more about the various projects, it’s almost like having your own private Carrot City!

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