Urban Harvest Needs You! (Again)


Urban Harvest, now backed by Northfield Ecocentre, successfully raised its funding goal on crowdfunder…

… in fact they raised 105% of their target so CONGRATULATIONS!

Now? They need you to help find apple trees, pick apples and help stop fruit going to waste.

The Ecocentre is coordinating harvesting days from now til the end of November on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you want to get involved meet at the Ecocentre at 9.30am on each picking day and you’ll be back at the Ecocentre around 4pm. You can come along for some or all of the day and can also arrange to meet at the sites.

Please bring a packed lunch if you are coming for the whole day. Please wear long sleeves and closed toe shoes as apples can be heavy and hurt if they land on you! There are some hard hats for you to wear!

There will also be a family picking day on Saturday 19th October.

If you have fruit that needs picking, or have a glut of fruit you can’t use please contact Jackie or Georgia on 0121 448 0119 or email jackie@northfieldecocentre.org or georgia@northfieldecocentre.org

Alternatively pick fruit on your own, with a group or share your surplus by dropping it off at Northfield Ecocentre before the end of November. Please ensure fruit is firm and not rotting as this could spoil other fruit.

Northfield Ecocentre is working with Martineau GardensUrban Veg and Growing Birmingham to deliver Urban Harvest.

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  1. Hi there

    Please note that the Family Apple Picking Day planned for tomorrow Sat 19th Oct has now been cancelled. We will be however at Martineau Gardens’ Apple Day between 11am – 3pm with an update about the Urban Harvest project as well as samples of chutney or jams made with some of the produces harvested from local gardens this month and also children’s natural craft activities. So come and visit us there tomorrow 19th October between 11 and 3!

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