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Discovering the fruit smoothie


Are you too successful at growing your own fruit? Have you got a surplus of strawberries, raspberries or currants?

A great way of make your fruit mountain more digestable is the smoothie.

Making a smoothie from supermarket fruit will cost you an arm and a leg. They are virtually free when you use your own produce.

The recipies couldn’t be simpler. Take the fruit of your choice surplus from the garden or frozen from last year.¬†Blend with mineral water, creme fraiche, yogurt, ice cream or sorbets.

I’m just beginning to learn the joys of the fruit smoothie. And it’s cooler than making jam!

Balcony Larder: A stonking great aubergine plant

aubergine plant_23rdMay2012

I’m told that aubergines can grow like weeds in hot, dry places, though Wikipedia describes them as a “delicate perennial“. There’s one of their kind doing pretty well in my kitchen, as you can see. Decidedly ¬†indelicate, robust even.

Given to me as a titchy little thing by @policyworks at the end of April, I plonked it in front of the window that catches the morning sunshine, and gave it a desultory water from time to time. Then these surprisingly enormous leaves started to happen.

The excitement of new liff


I hadn’t quite bargained for the shiver of excitement when I saw the seedlings first stick their noses up over the compost.

And, like seeing my very newborn son many moons ago, I mistook my thrill response for aesthetic appreciation.

Just as I mistook a purple wizened ET-like babe as an utterly beautiful Meaning of Life, so I mistook the sight of spindly kale as a Meaning of Life too.


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